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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things are even worst for the USA that is seriously topping the recession in the shoulders of the other countries. Recently the US ministry of economics has announced that China was the USA's golden sponsor for Septemeber 2008. Thats not ofcourse about all the Chinese restaurants that are rapidly growing feeding the
Americans with the americanized chinese springrolls, but about the US debt that is growing. The US ministry of economics announced that China has topped out Japan making the Americans grateful to the Chinese empire and then to their Japanese buddies.

Crunching the numbers in, China has a bill of $585 billions to "cash out" (doubt it) and Japan $573,2 billions. Proudly the 3rd country in the list is the UK with $228,4 billions, really far away from the top. Now, Obama wants to support the auto industry with another $50billions... Is that new "freakonomics" or what? Guess, China and Japan need to work harder to finance the Presidential plans and save GM, when literally they are riding bikes or they are walking to work? Isnt that an excited story with plenty of suspence that will keep us wondering for a while? On the other hand excpect another flood of Chinese and Japanese products, surfing the US market unregulated and tarrif free :-) Whenthe credit cards will be maxxing out, the international trade agreements might not be enough to excuse the above huge bills and then the USA might collapse for ever..

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