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Sunday, November 9, 2008


...finally I'm going in and into serious publications. I am really happy, cause finally my research will be included in book chapters on relevant topics.Thus, two of my papers that lation are both mainly on new technology forecasting and regulation will be published next year in two different books.
"Fourth-Generation (4G) Wireless Networks: Applications and Innovations"
A book edited by Adibi, Sasan and Mobasher, Amin - published by IGI Global(IDEA Group)

Then, I have another paper on forecasting and regulation that will appear in:
"Regulation and the Evolution of the Global Telecommunications Industry" edited by A. Gentzoglanis & A. Henten, by Edward Elgar Publishing

Finally two other papers have been already published in the special issue in the journal of Communications and Strategies, Ultrabroadband Networks, IDATE, November 2008. The first paper was on QoS and the other one was on new technology forecasting and regulation.

Its been a productive year, cause last year I was stuck, doing only conference papers, due many life's changes, but finally here I am, surviving. Concluding, I can easily call 2008 a fruitful academic year, thanks to my partners and collaborators that supported me. I 'm going in guys - thank you!


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