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Thursday, November 6, 2008


..well, thats nothing new, but check out the content growth and what can happen with the almost real time option that P2PTV supports. It has some delay as the peers retransmit the data, thus usually a live soccer game is lagging behind from the reality. Particurarlly, a few days ago was watching a champions league soccer game from a P2P agent, since the regular TV was not covering the game and the same time from a sport's Web site Live Center that was posting the score, refreshing continuously - also 'real time'. Well, these two sources had a 2-3 minutes difference..when the one team was scoring as the Live Center was posting, then was waiting for 2-3 minutes to watch the goal on P2PTV - almost real time!

No matter that real time weakness, I am really impressed with the P2PTV. Not only its free. but in many cases can work as cable TV with good quality and resolution, In one of the agents, that are so many, was watching the "National Georgaphic" channel with Chinese subtitles, true! But the other cool thing is that you can add your own server and start streaming, if you really want to feel the excitement of a TV producer. Back in time people used to broadcast with Antennas and in some cases illegally without registering their channels, usually called TV piracy; today you can do that legally if you master the video streaming technology and have some content. The good news is that the P2P agents are under human supervision restricitng in most of the cases porn and similar inappropriate content

Do the people like it? Sure they do, especially the sports fans, thousands and thousands of people are watching and all you need is broadband i.e ADSL or cable connection or even WiMAX, that simple! People love variety, international content, looking up all these different channels that offer more than you can imagine overrriding a stereotype TV channel with certain content that could be easily boring.

Some P2P agents to check Sopcast, JustinTV and more, keep searching, its a really exciting live media world. Folks, lets deliver our media to the world!

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