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Thursday, November 6, 2008


And yes, digital TV will arrive slowly to Greece, since the EU has announced the full transition to the digital world by 2015. Advanced countries will do that much faster, following the US that is a few hundred days away based on Shelly.
On the other hand FCC recently OKs unlicensed access to vacant TV airwaves. That U.S. regulator's decision seen as a victory for Google, Microsoft, Moto and others, against broadcasters.

But Europe is getting there. Being part of the ebusiness forum public consultation's team, I got the feeling that people will get there sooner or later, since some piolot digital broadvasting has already started from the government channel. however there is still lots of discussion and consultation on the future available TV bands, the upcoming digital services, the benefits and drawbacks. The ebusiness forum always puts effort into new things and is really exciting the fact that we will draw some new actions to promote digital TV with perhaps some EU financial support.

Digital TV in Greece is not a Sci-Fi project any more and I am confident that will soon happen even with some international support and guideline. People are really excited and love the opportunity of the new TV, either that is digital broadcasting or even IPTV, altough it is really early for Greece right now. The Telcos are still wondering, but they should definetely keep a very close look to our tema's progress and future plans, since our coordinator is the ministry of transportation and communication.

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