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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Lots of discussion lately on interactive content and digital content production. Most of the European markets including Greece are trying to adapt IPTV solutions, examining platforms and content over the pipe. The Telcos seem to have an advantage looking for content in different markets that they are heavily investing into, leaving the local content producers out of the game.

Is IPTV a viable solution in Greece? When the government and all are investing in broadband, the answer is yes. What really needs is serious planning and collaborations identifying the subscribers needs. The interactive content can easily fuel people's excitement, making them pay for it and isnpire others to create the right channels, with interesting program and content. Culture and entertainment should be the top needs to start with, including international production on travel and cooking.

On Telecoms brings Fox channel to the screen, creating a fully subtitled 24/7 program. Fox International Channels is distributing High-Definition content also for mobile platforms: FOX Life HD, Next HD, National Geographic Channel HD and FOX Mobile. Whats really interesting is to see the competitors reaction that perhaps are still negotiating with similar content distributors. Early IPTV markets are really interesting and offering excitement and surprises with the enntertainment and access to new stuff not only for the investors but also for the users.

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