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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


...the Greek operator is seriously "flying". Perhaps it should be the only operator globally that focuses that much on air flights in and out. Not only now you can be in touch via SMS and accepting calls in the airplane, a service that is supported in most airlines such as Quantas, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates and TAP, but also you can be connected to the Internet. In both cases the communication is based on satellite networks. This is the outcome of wind's collaboration with Aeromobile and OnAir networks.

Additionally, you could become a pilot flying over Athens and getting some flying lessons for free if you buy the new Sony Ericcson C905 in the Family program. There are 1,000 flights waiting for the lucky mobile users. Greece is a small market and with 3 major operators, the competition is really high and innovative offers at this point of the mobile revolution is the only weapon today. Surprisingly, Wind is the only operator that comes up with great ideas and soon might climb up to the 2nd place which now belongs to Vodafone. The lesson is that the only field that is left to compete is efficient cost programs related to minutes and attractive gifts such as learning to fly and not only that could push the user to switch operator and get locked in for at least 1 year contract.

Whats left? I guess my favorite, travel packages and vacations to exotic places..

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