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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Digital life event

Last Friday, I visited the digital life expo. Crazy crowd with games, was really trying to figure out where the future is heading. Took me years back, when I was playing for hours with these car simulators or the sport games, basketball, Olympic games etc. When I was a kid, was so crazy with my first Atari and my friend's Amiga 5000, old days! Impressed from some TV screens, a very cool light camera and had a chance to look closer at some cell phones, especially Nokia that they had an amazing resolution to watch TV or movies and not only. Besides that, I didnt get any innovation vibe and even the high technology didnt inspire me at all.
My expectations were more to check out digital devices, smart devices for the next generation residence that definitely is not all about games. A robot from iRobot with a camera that could run several tasks as a household 'servant' was my highlight, but still an old technology and it was in a box, not even demo. Lastly a guy was remotely controlling a huge techie bee with some noisy wings that was flying and suddenly ended up to somebody's head, really funny!


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