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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Human Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited, the most catchy ad keyword with millions of different interpretations. As we are discussing at the CITI about the unlimited bandwidth networks based on the consumers rising needs, I realized that exactly the same pattern could be identified in the human networks. We have unlimited bandwidth/capacity to satisfy our personal and the others' also needs. Where are your limits - hard to know - and when do you say no, refusing to do something? Hardly never, you download everything to your brain, trying to entertain your life in one way or the other forcing yourself to do it for money, for glory etc. Ever thought how much bandwidth you use for your real needs? Usually limited, what a waste, since most of the time you are the victim, sacrifying it to pay for the societal needs. But everybody likes the unlimited. Most of the time an unlimited service is a waste, cause it makes no sense, unlimited phone calls, so what? Old news!

Are you unlimited? Define yourself. Does unlimited love exist? Extremely rare phenomenon, described only in books as an altruistic illusion of the last decade.

Attributes of the leaders? I can do everything, working 24/7 proving your unlimited style. Thats the one and impatience is the other. Quick decisions are for the experts and still they might have a high-risk factor included, proving them wrong! Day by day we realize that this unlimited bandwidth curve is like an S-curve that reaches its saturation level and then drops. Everybody wants your bandwidth, as they dont have theirs! After that flat point, you refuse, you have more time for yourself and your hobbies and sometimes you reinvent life or you regret! Where do the fortune-hunters belong? Definitely not in the free dictionary. To be continued..


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