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Friday, September 7, 2007

my name is Jobs, Steve Jobs..

....and I have a license to kill. Reminds of James Bond attitude, as he easily kills the 4Gb iPhone model.Steve Jobs Offers Rare Apology,Credit for iPhone. You are loyal to buy our hell expensive product, but now we need more market of a cell phone that you carry most of the time only for prestigious reasons. My marketing class in a brief survey I did the other days, is desperate for the iPhone. There you go Steve, your new market! How about of a student discount, as you cut the price? -:)
But it is not only that technology is bumpy, he would rather say that they overpriced the product and some consumers paid a premium for a 'basic' cell phone, cause consumers have most of the time limited knowledge of what the product can do and of the other products in the same category and price. Apple's pricing reminds more of Google's IPO and definitely a market show off with a strong new entry that will soon lead into a bubble. Whats the point to discontinue the 4Gb version that was getting even more affordable now? Apple and At&T are in panic with a series of mistakes, without giving real answers to the consumers

But, for example Nokia has 3G cell phones at 5Mpixels with 8Gb capacity that are superior compared to the Apple's device i.e. N95 and the Europeans know that. My personal opinion especially after that price shake is that iPhone has no luck in the European market to compete against Nokia and Ericsson. And Apple realizes this now and they drop the US price to gain more market share especially the average incomers. Merging the two models into one, with more capacity, Apple leads the market into one choice, reasonably priced; looks like a favor to the consumers with an OK cell phone. But not only that, after the iPphone's market reaction, criticism and feedback Apple realized that they will start soon to loose market share, cause it is not worth to pay all this money for that product and they cut off the price.
Good job guys!


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