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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Telecom Webinars

Today, I attended a Webinar with title Ethernet-Based Consumer Services: Delivering Quality IPTV, VOD & More. Lightreading is a really cool website, organizing these webinars, where an industry's expert is making comments on really nice slides and the whole event lasts 1 hour. It is an amazing source of knowledge, combining audio and picture and then the discussant is answering to couple of questions that you IM to the event's host. Cool stuff!

The future in next generation networks (NGN)goes with Ethernet, but there is no single winning networking design. That is the magic in that case,there is a plural of different architectures that each operator is deploying. The new services will make things more complicated for the operators, as there is a need for more intelligent services such as bringing video servers closer to the user to save bandwidth in the backhaul and struggle with the cost's increase. We might see multiple set-top boxes at home in the future serving different needs. Smart Metro networks solution with multi-service edge routers were discussed with dynamic broadcasting that will increase the number of HD TV channels to the end-user. The IPTV operators are the leaders in packet intelligence transportation with an ultimate need to control the per subscriber QoS. The future is in the intelligent high QoS services' integration no matter the access technology, FTTH, cable or wireless.

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