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Friday, October 5, 2007

Not Amazon son of mine

The following story reminds me of the Genesis band and "you are not son of mine" hit song. As I was looking up for a Technology Management and Innovation book in Amazon, I crossed something really strange that I would like to share. The author's family in India has not heard from him for the last 9 years - the comment was in 2000. Hey, call your parents, you forgot for 9 years. The strange is that the family's neighbor volunteered and posted the comment. The author is in the UK, but think how insulting is the comment, bringing up someone's personal life to the readers. I would call it a very desperate action, but Amazon would never ever be the right place to post this sort of comments and should not even allow it. Where is the moderator?

Hopefully my family or my neighbors and friends will not start posting comments on my blog like "Son come back for Christmas, all we want for Christmas is you" and so on.. :)


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Pants Dispenser Operator said...


Where are you? We haven't heard from you in years! Call us!