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Sunday, October 7, 2007

"The Garden of Lost Vespers"

Tonight I went to the "Garden of Lost Vespers", a poetry event at Kouros Gallery, a very progressive place that made me discover life's different dimensions redefining things and myself and filling up with energy and fire for success. Full credit to Prof. Nicos Alexiou, my colleague at Queens College that in a few hours made me appreciate the role of the sociology and discover the thirst for his poetry. It was an awakening, an inspiration that have been looking for quite some time. Nicos is a guy that wants to change the world or at least contribute something towards that direction. His poems are in Greek and in English, just AMAZING. My favorite part among the so many is the "Dialectic of the Lines: "Within people, with the people, with you, lines are chiseled, that bewitch us, set us free, change us". All these poems were clinking as a new Marxist's theory to me.

All this impact of this fantastic poetry made me attempt to define the "fortune hunter", as I promised a couple of weeks ago, synthesizing Alexiou's words with my imagination: "A fortune hunter is self-exiled in the shining streets of silence and success. He is committed to his shadow, but he anchors nowhere, till he finds the silver key of the haunted gate that will set him free with a crown of glory."


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