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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hot wire

Dear ARPU, why are you declining?Where is the pricing, product innovation to boost the revenues? Sprint-Nextel is lagging behind in the game, losing money over the last year. Is that the market structure or the preferences that drive the ARPU down?
Its time for new markets and go after consumers preferences and unmet needs. Verizon ahead in the game teams up with Fujifilm. Fujifilm’s Get the Picture Online Service Network is now available to Verizon Wireless subscribers. Users of Verizon Wireless’ Pix Place service can take advantage of the more than 10,000 retail locations for printing their pictures. What an idea!
On the hot wire, a new home networking standard is introduced, HomePNA3.1. The new data rates go up to 320Mbps, aiming to help service providers to simultaneously distribute triple-play IPTV, voice and Internet data services as well as other networked entertainment data throughout the home. Turns out that we are getting there, into the Ultra-broadband generation, visioning data rates beyond 1Gbps, but all these standards struggles and specs definitions are really a headache for the ICT world.

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