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Thursday, March 8, 2007

My favorite coffee-place

...the other days I met with my new friend, another Dr.Panos, 2nd Panos CIS with a PhD of my friends. He works for Mckinsey (big hit), when the other Panos is hanging out in conferences somewhere in UK, Newcastle, I think. We had an amazing discussion about strategies and high-level consulting, but it is a big trade-off working 80hrs/week. Funny thing, we graduated the same year from Patras Polytechnic, he is CIS, I am EE.
But enough with the PR, the cafe we went upper East side was the best, amazing people and atmosphere, nice sofas and the best cappuccino. Highly recommended alternative place, really cool..on the process to discover more places in the big Apple.
Little work last night on France Telecom issues, as my Columbia boss, Eli, travels to France. Ended up creating a nice report delving into the Ultrabroadband described with Gigabit Passive Optical Networks, still under standardization but a hot topic! France Telecom is the first incumbent that is using that, when BT cant even think of that. Wrote up a nice deliverable backing up Eli, maybe some more funding for the CITI and its affiliates!

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