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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Google's rumor

Google is breaking the news again with a rumor about a new cell phone that will enter the market soon and certainly it will be the 'smart' one that will compete against Blackberry and iphone and there is no doubt that there is market for another phone. I am in the same position probably like other mobile wireless users to find the ideal handset that will satisfy my needs and the more Internet applications if from Google the more the convenience, especially if it is about VoIP applis and low marginal costs per call.
The same rumor that was posted on the today's WSJ reports that the potential manufacturer could be Samsusng Electronics Co.

Final comment, Google proves one more time that 'reinventing the wheel' could be a very profitable business, supported with the right capital and business models.
Google reinvented the Internet, applis, online entertainment and now perhaps a new smart phone converging different services and functions.

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