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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Women and smart bucks

I was always supporting the idea that women and not only should be smart with their money. Think that money gives power, but also can take power away. No matter the circumstances women today make more money than before and they should be the wise investors too.

Its not only a matter of culture to plan on the idea, take care of the money cause the money will take care of you in the future, but it is a life attitude. According to Suze money could be a the baby-sitter, but also the big disconnect. Having a healthy relationship with the money as the article raises is not only a female topic. Both genders have the same problem. Even within a couple, my money, your money, whose the heck money?

As we grow up we are becoming, hopefully, more sophisiticated and skeptic with our money in general. My 'favorite' are people with money that are scared to spend them or are clueless how to invest. There is no excuse, folks, in this country, having everything in front of your eyes not to be able to grow your money and wealth.

If you have the cap do the property, if you dont, go with the stock market and enjoy some small marginal profits, good enough for your Starbucks latte. Good luck with your bucks..

Took a step back from Apple's share, dropped already, due to the overall stock market drop and the oil price increase. But there is a lot of potential, it keeps up with a strong EPS and the Apple TV that will be introduced sometime in March should add more value

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