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Friday, February 23, 2007

CRM at the speed of the light

After having a discussion today with my friend George on CRM, I realized that CRM is all about people and visonaires.
Its all about fishing as it goes along with leadership and getting them to bite. Another maketing opportunity approach, as I am teaching to my Marketing class, where you need to design the right plan combining customer experience and new business model to achieve the desirable result. Be patient, a visonaire, measure your result and attack with your tools - Web 2.0 is an amazing tool. Dell has seen the Web2.0 light and is starting to engage real customers in conversations around future product innovation. These are still early days in Dell's customer-driven innovation makeover, but it is good to see that Dell is finally following the lead set of other companies.

But still business models are missing, no amazing or promising ROIs. Hard to measure..when free services are all over. Maybe more advertising at what price?
Is that the future business model based on ads, is that how YouTube will make money?

However, there is more to see, already bloggers are asking "but will it make any money?". Donna Bogatin asks this very question in her blog post "Will Web 3.0 Be In The Green?".

The game and the solution comes up to 'stick' the customer with you, offer him multi-services taking advatage of the one-to-multipoint management and lower your management cost.
Create the Ecosystem, the trusted source, that will raise your revenues and give you a secure future ROI.
Telekom Italia is measuring innovation and success of their services based on their customers satisfaction, when they call the helpdesk. A satisfied customer will buy more services from the Ecosytem. A survey always after the end of the call or use of an online agent is the best way to understand the customer and his needs, since your customer is the long-term strategic business asset.

Weekend coming up and more study on the way. Just purchased the book "Blown to bits", amazing fundamental strategic book by Phil Evans (BCG), strongly recommended..


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