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Monday, February 26, 2007

iPhone or Blackberry?

Research in Motion against Apple.
Thats a very interesting hassle, the winner so far is Apple, having Wall-Street admiring the product and climbing the share to almost $90 last week with very positive predictions for the future. Not bad ROI in 10 days, almost 35% up making the Apple's shareholders smile so far. Things are clear with Cisco now, the share will go higher beyond $100 soon!
The Apple-Cingular deal is to 'trap' the consumer into a 2-year contract with Cingular and high-priced phone, calling the Apple fans to pay loyalty and trust to their favorite company. But things are not crystal clear yet, many concerns if thats the final product.
My concerns from the Telecom side, why should I invest $499 into a 2.5G phone, when there is no warranty that they might upgrade it into a 3G service? After 2 years I will end up having an old phone, leaving behind the 3G revolution and its benefits..How long is Apple going to share its profits with Cingular, will this alliance last or economic and market pressures will narrow down their profits and benefits?
Consumers according to the latest surveys still go with Blackberry, pushing up its share value, at least in the UK and China that represents a very fast growing market. Goldman also sneakily supports both phones, hesitating so far upon their decision. Who is willing to pay and who is not?
From my side, I am undecided, waiting for Apple to clear out the cloudy landscape and come up with a plan regarding the access to the content and the phone's 3G future. But looking at the iPhone in the Apple store in Soho, it is certainly a piece of art. Apple is sticking out the innovation, but clouds are around technology and marketing plans

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