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Friday, June 13, 2008

Managing Editor

I decided, here in Greece, to look at things from a more critical spirit starting from the Greek Telcos and expanding globally. A new business magazine will soon be published in an every 2-months frequency for Telcos executives under my supersvision and intellectual writing style, aiming to bring some new blood and directions to the Greek Telcos! Dont forget that Greece is in the broadband EU tail in penetration together with the new members Bulgaria and Poland, which is unacceptable...The title of the magazine is "Telecom's Review" sort of conservative, my initial idea was "Telco2Go", meaning keep walking and progressing, but was too ambitious and was rejected :) Thus I am discovering and exploring my talent in Telecom Management as a journalist also, and I think its really cool. The publisher is "Boussias Communications", organizing conferences and publishing other managament magazines. The site is in Greek, sorry, but working on that..

keep you posted!

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