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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UBB down the road

blogging and blogging..about time

After the successful conference in Paris on "Ultrabroadband Networks", I am happy to announce that the topic will soon be published in a special issue of the "Communications and Strategies". Part of the review committee is CITI, Korean Telecom and Orange Labs. As part of the committee I will try to have one article that was presented in Paris on "Quality of Service to the last mile". The issue should be ready by Fall '08, which means lots of summer work.

Some news: I am working in the Ministry of Media Press, in Athens, Greece and my director is my co-author in the Telecom papers, cause his PhD is in broadband management. A business proposal was presented in Boston a few weeks ago - May 10 - after an interesting collaboration on the topic of WiMAX community. It was actually a competition, but we didnt make it to get one of the first 3 positions, either the topic is still immature or too ambitious. Anyway the presentation has been a great experience for me.

more to come...stay tuned

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