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Sunday, February 24, 2008


There is a lot of buzz created around the new book that describes 'supercapitalism'
Robert Reich gives his own take on the term, which is not new and we can describe it as beyond the capitalism. When the democracy is overwhelmed and the politics are diverted then its time for the new citizen's guide.

Or perhaps its time for more liberalism, the netcitizen's guide or define the world citizen, beyond the nation's border. The business idealist that can start up his business anywhere in the world, in a flat planet and apply new business models without the presence of the venture capitalists that in some cases they rather restrict than release innovation for the shake of revenues. The social contribution of a business idea is never considered towards the supercapitalism, but the creation of more capital is the main target. And if the USA is the leader and a mixed economy with the capitalism dominating, what is the picture, what is the growth...recession and currency depreciation are the answers.

back in writing after a long time -apologies to my readers


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