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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 we get an airplane in the bundle

its really funny, but a combination of marketing, technology and revenues make us dream here in Greece, about what we would like next in a bundle with the double play. I, personally, got a decent MP3 player like a PDA, now some operators give away in the bundle, laptops or multi-machines with scanner and print functionalities. And all this to promote ADSL when Verizon was promoting Fios-TV with full-HD TV, will soon come up in Greece. The good thing that all these devices are extremely useful, but the consumers on the other hand are confused, cause its really not worth to lock yourself with an service provider for 2-years just for a laptop? There should definitely be other criteria, but the providers are trying really hard in the switching battle and gaining more business.

I want, I want..hmm back to my iPhone stories, guess soon Vodafone will do the magic bundle for me me happy:)


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