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Friday, November 23, 2007

strictly for fortunehunters...with a global thinking

...most people today are wondering, where is the best place to live, throwing several parameters or considering different priorities in each case. It happened to be as anxious as well on the topic and I managed to find a good source that compares different cities globally. The metrics are not bad, subway ticket, burger meal, cup of coffee etc.

Surprisingly many changes were made in the ranking between cities living cost from 2006 to 2007, light twists to the big cities, with Europe leading the global list and Moscow being the #1 far above NYC that is the base city. NYC went down from #10 to #15, London up to #2, Dubai went down from #25 to #34, but the biggest outsider was Athens that moved from #59 to #29, 30 positions!! Is that the Euro strength? Living cost is coming along with luxurious and prestigious lifestyle and definitely Athens is performing well with a tremendous improvement the last years. If you walk downtown in Athens, you will get the vibe. Based on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Greece is ranked #19 globally, based on the GDP/capita or the average annual income.

Berlin was also the second outsider that moved up 27 positions, from #72 to #45. Its your conclusions where you want to live based on the rankings, but the two latter outsiders definitely stand out.

Keep on you research, if interested, the suggested source/survey has tremendous amount of info


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