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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The New Media world

Last Friday, have been at Columbia University to an event on the Digital TV revolution. Literally, was amazed from the technological progress in that field, discussing the 4K and 8K TV with an amazing resolution that sometimes feels like your eyes cannot handle all these details, and it feels like everything is so real or crystal clear and you cant see any pixels any more.

The Internet TV and the IPTV and the content generation have definitely changed the landscape. Now we are discussing 1 Terrabit/sec to broadcast 4K TV quality and replicate that into different countries simultaneously. The future was right there during the event, but all these new things need about 10-20 years till they get adapted from the market. The guys from CineGrid were really amazing, introducing new platforms and architectures, proving that anything can happen in the media transfer eliminating the distances. The only "struggle" they faced was the TCP/IP transfer that was replaced from the UDP protocol and variations as more appropriate for their applications.


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