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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

IPTV- yeah bro...on Demand!

Recently, I did some research on Passive Optical Networks and I realized that it is a hot engineering topic with many dark areas. There are 2 different lanes, the Asian fast lane, Korea and Japan on the one hand and the Western lay-back world that are a little behind, cause everything will be accomplished in life in a type of magic, trust me! The latters click though on the IPTV deployment. In some cases lacks national standards. Alcatel-Lucent is participating in almost 70% overall of the IPTV deployments projects, implementing exclusively Microsoft TV solutions.

My personal take is that the future is in interactive TV, with careful network planning, advertising and triple play pricing. Since I hardly ever watch TV, dont want to be a poor cable TV fan, only news, perhaps some smart ad spots that could be also YouTubed in most of the cases, rarely sports and the rest is boring or stupid. It turns out that UK is ahead in this game with various recent accomplishments. But I am also excited about the IMS based IPTV that will extent tele-education, tele-gambling, and online shopping, enabling person-to-person and person-to-content communications. Even new services, similar to Video on Demand Karaoke on Demand, Dating on Demand, Fitness on Demand, My Bad Luck on Demand, Get Lost on Demand, iWant More! bla bla

Perhaps, more TV excitement the next decade then, always on Demand!


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