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Saturday, August 18, 2007

free Wi-Fi on the British train..

The other days, my buddy Panos was getting inpatient and nervous on a 5 hours train ride back to Newcastle, IMing me how boring his trip was. Always believing that Europe is ahead in wireless services and digging into the British rail services, I found that rail passengers on the London-to-Scotland east coast main line will get free Wi-Fi. A service that was offered for free only to first class service, now it will be free for everyone as British Rail decided, since it is taking over GNER's London-Scotland line.

Now, how cool is that, if it expands over Europe, now thats a huge difference, convenience and the technology is there - combination of 3G-GPRS-satellite broadband and Wi-Fi. Hopefully the news will travel to our Amtrak and start thinking of that one day..Heading to the future with high speed trains- TGV that inter-connect Europe and now also with high speed Internet-Wi-Fi, seeking for more!


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