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Monday, August 27, 2007

Greece in national emergency and mourning!

Greece has been slammed from fire waves the last 4 days that have destroyed land and killed citizens. Over 60 people were killed either cause they got surrendered from the fire flames or fighting the flames. The worse curse or nightmare is happening in Greece. Peloponnese is experiencing one of the biggest historical disasters. The sun is obscured, people cannot breathe and the fire is racing all over leading its anger to the main cities, Athens and Patras.

Whole villages and land were destroyed. Freaking scenes and stories of people burnt alive or having their relatives watching them dying, in a case a son was watching his father, a sheep man dying slowly, cause he couldnt reach him for help and save him. Last minute they managed to save the Olympic Games birthplace and the museum from the fire. But part of the Olympic Stadium was destroyed and the Kronos hill was engulfed by fire. The strong wind and its changes are transforming the flames into a non-mercy killer. Fire crews from Cyprus and France are helping tackle blazes in Greece.

Its really depressing; the Greek economy is going seriously to struggle the following years. This disaster will bring the country at least 10 years back. Greece is a country that mostly depends on tourism and agriculture, and all these now belong to past due to the disaster. Anger and frustration of the citizens helpless in some cases trying to save their property or running scared to save their lives.
A nation with no strategic planning, when they know that this happens every August and weak coordination between the firemen and the army. It is obvious that is lacking leadership, a few weeks before the national elections.
At least the last time I visited ancient Olympia back in 2000, I had the opportunity and time to take a huge tour in the green amazing ancient area, but now..ashes all over.

Lets pray and wish that no more people will get killed!


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