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Monday, April 13, 2009

ExelixisNet news

ExelixisNet and Rockamedia LLC are forming a joint venture bringing new media services in the European market and developing countries, with active presence in the Greek market. We serve the content needs of different clients such as ISPs, Telecom operators, TV stations and other similar media players that are looking for high quality content to explore new sources of revenues into multiple screens. Rockamedia LLC, has over 25 years of experience licensing content with a specialty in music ans related entertainment and a strong network of content suppliers, complemented by ExelixisNet that specialized in client's needs analysis, new platforms and internet distribution solutions. Our main services are summarized in the following list:

• Accommodate the purchase of the selected programs for different sites
• Work with the client for the final delivery and content’s quality assurance
• Arrange the agreement/contract
• Help facilitate the client’s needs
• Support the client any time for issues with the current and future needs, ensuring that the most complex solutions will work flawlessly
• Applying deep industry expertise and relationships with licensing, rights management, to ensure smooth integration over a trust customer relationship
• Advising and helping the client optimizing the content’s usage

Currently, we are working with some clients in Greece, and we are planning for more, since we are gaining popularity and trust due to our high end services and marketing activities.


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