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Monday, March 23, 2009


The future of WebTV is still unknown, altough there are tons of ideas and imagination all over the market. The investors are lacking confidence, since they cannot inspire the advertisers and the business model is really poor so far, especially for small markets like Greece. On the other hand we shouldnt forget that the number of the surfers is increasing challenging the TV numbers, but perhaps the WebTV as an interent service needs some time to mature.

If you check the traffic patterns between entertainment and news sites, you will be surprised. A site like CNN is dominating the entertainment such as Joost and Hulu, where hulu that has high quality content is not available to Europe.

I have been already part of some lobbying around WebTV and the DTV evolution in Greece, but it needs some more time to see results or even some serious attempts. Due to the economic crisis, things are more difficult, since the investors are not willing to risk a cent, especially in uncertain bz planning that includes in most of the cases unknown WebTV advertising revenues.


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