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Monday, July 9, 2007

iphone's competitor is emerging..

Is the iphone a one way product? Stop and think, are the competitors going to sit and watch Apple selling out, piling up its revenues? Certainly not, LG in collaboration with Google is attacking, taking advantage of iphone's weaknesses that are quite a few. They will develop a 3G YouTube focused mobile phone that will allow users to record videos on their mobile phones then upload them immediately to YouTube through a streamlined interface.

It sounds to me like a fusion among the YouTube and the ipod users. I am sure that LG phone will offer similar media services with iphone and they might raise a price competition. My guess is that Verizon will grab the deal this time, its gonna be fun. On the stock market side we havent seen any tremendous changes in Apple's and AT&T's stock that were in decline last week.

In France, the Wi-Fi cell phones are a big hit, supported by Orange. Wi-Fi phone with the right Java and media applis is certainly the future.

More to come soon

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