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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No more texting in WA

Beginning Jan. 1, it will be illegal for drivers in the state of Washington to read, type or send a text message from a wireless device while behind the wheel.
At least the law won't apply to emergency personnel, tow truck drivers who use wireless devices that are permanently attached to their vehicles, or drivers using wireless devices to report illegal activity, call for medical assistance or
other emergencies. Users of "hands-free" devices are also exempt, feel better now!

The weird in the whole case or policy is that the drivers can be cited for breaking the new law ONLY if they have been stopped for another traffic violation. The fine for violating the new law could be as high as $250.

Why did that happen? Here is the weird story that caused the government's reaction and shouldn't have been the first time but for sure the last!

An accident in December was caused by a 53-year-old
man using his BlackBerry while driving a minivan in the express lane
of Interstate 5 near downtown Seattle. Te man was so focused on his cell, who was unaware that the traffic ahead of him had stopped,
smashed into the car in front of him, causing a chain reaction
involving three other cars and a bus carrying 28 passengers. Imagine a subscriber/driver that just got his i-phone..
Expect similar policies in other states too, following Washington's example..


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