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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Apple, as I said..

Isnt that fascinating? The magic of the stock market, as I was discussing Apple's stock a few months ago at $85/share. The share is booming to $114, a very respective growth, making shareholders to smile against Microsoft that is still trying to build up the Vista market. I think in the future Apple will buy Microsoft or the latter will borrow some of Apple's innovation under a business deal :)

The amazing with Apple is that is a typical example of Paul Romer's theory that I discuss with the QC students. Innovation and ideas lead into the growth in the long run and Apple is doing exactly that. Weird, the whole USA is doing the same, but the economic growth is declining. Perhaps politics, culture has to change to release the innovation waves that could boost the US economy, construction and the rest of the microeconomic headaches.


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