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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


After 2 years of research on the business transition to the Next Generation Wireless Networks, I managed finally to publish a part of it to the book Fourth-Generation Wireless Networks: Applications and Innovations. Chapter 9, entitled "Potential Scenarios and Drivers of the 4G Evolution" is my contribution, including the assumptions and data analysis, modeling in order to define the "4G readiness" concept. An index of countries is presented that are the players and the forntiers to the 4th Generation evolution. These are ranked on their readiness to deploy the new technology, based on technology, economic and consumer drivers. The research is accomplished with Professor Hosein Fallah.

I strongly recommend you to purchase this book, if your interests are around this field either for your perosnal use or for your university's library. The book also presents a vision for the coming years in terms of emerging fourth generation (4G) wireless technology trends and best practices. It explores the resulting challenges and technical opportunities that will arise in creating and delivering 4G networks for the emerging applications and services. This book also examines the fundamentals of advanced physical layer and radio resource management as the basis for cross layer and cross network optimization that will emerge for increased mobility and services in video, cloud computing virtualization, entertainment, education, health, and security.

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