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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Digging into the Almanac

I was reading an article on about the Greeks back in 1857, when they came to the USA. Really cool stuff, between 1857 and 1910 183,000 Greeks came to New York, always big sailors no matter the ocean distance.
In 1857 the first Greek restaurant opened in NY, called "Peloponnese" and the first Greek Newspaper called "Atlantis" started in 1894; the Greeks have some serious roots with NY. Maybe that is the reason that this summer I will stay in the Big Apple and work than lying in the beach...
It is said that today in Astoria live 75,000 Greeks. cool! The owner of the 20th Century Fox is a Greek family, named Skuras, proving that Greeks were into the Hollywood as successfully as they were with the dinners business. Perhaps its the same mentality or business model:)

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