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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mobile TV - time to grow

Mobile TV is one of the burning issues carrying a lot of complexities
and headache for the engineers,as they have to compete against the traditional TV screen quality and content delivery offer of ever better viewing experiences.

What are still the problems?
In Europe the debate continues to rage over what standard should be adopted for mobile TV, holding back the adaptation rate.Some 3G networks are struggling to cope with the capacity needed to stream live video and TV.

But I would really like to focus on the EU forecasts, European Commission estimates that the world mobile TV market will be worth a whopping 11.4 billion euros (15.5 billion dollars) by 2009. That makes things to move faster, more R&D investing to meet the number, but is that a pragmatic goal? It is really a growing industry, since the mobile content industry today is worth some 20 billion dollars, nearly as much as the 30-billion-dollar Internet business. Most of that revenue, though, continues to be ringtone-driven rather than mobile entertainment content. Imagine the boom when the content becomes the king and the mobile commerce grows as well! Might grow far beyond the Internet revenues.
Mobile TV is a new platform for advertising. The Korean service is free and ad-supported.The two mobile Korean TV broadcast platforms together have a staggering 4.5 million subscribers.
France Telecom reports that clients would be willing to pay around seven euros a month for the service. SFR clients pay 12 euros a month to subscribe to its 3G mobile TV service that offers 80 channels experiencing a 50% subsribers' growth the last 3 months.


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